Objects of necessity

100 Urban Trends: A Glossary of Ideas from the BMW Guggenheim Lab

The architecture of necessity is design conducted by everyday citizens in response to individual or collective needs and site-

Colored B&W TV (Caribe)



Objects of necessity at Mondes Electriques

The Espace Fondation EDF spotlights the so-called simplicity of electric energy through an original exhibition open to the

Architecture of Necessity at Yerba Buena Center

YERBA BUENA CENTER OF ARTS Scaffolds are only rarely independent structures: conversation on the temporal landscape (Screening


Urban objects


Havana – Marzo – 2012

Chairs and benches – Havana, 2012


Marianao – March, 2012

www.folkforms.ru – Born out of necessity

www.folkforms.ru born out of necessity photo from www.folkforms.ru

San Francisco #156, 2006 – 2012

Lawton, Ciudad de la Habana left: San Francisco #156, 2006 right: San Francisco #156, 2012

Santa Felicia esq. Fabrica, Luyano

Moral Modulor 2012 – Centro Habana

Moral Modulor 2012 – Centro Habana

Salud # 833, Centro Habana

left: Salud #833, Centro Habana, 1999 right: Salud #833, Centro Habana, 2012

Bisociation Tool – Victor Papanek’s “Paper Computer”

BISOCIATION TOOL Teemu Leinonen, Media Lab UIAH & Janne Mikkonen

Habana Vieja 2012

Célula habitable, Lawton, 2012

Célula habitable construida con “Euphorbia trigona” y una puerta de aluminio

Luyano – Marzo – 2012

Alamar – Marzo – 2012

Arquitectura de Necesidad en Hablandodeespacio

Hoy en "Habalndo de Espacio" y para hablar, entre otros temas de: "arquitectura de la necesidad" estará como invitado Ernesto